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Derinya Primary School
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AVWA, Springvale
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Dunedin House, Caulfield North
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Mordialloc College
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Monash University Brain Park, Clayton

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On every project, the Neo Construct team applies what we call ‘Neo Know-How’ to ensure we complete the job on time, on budget and to the complete satisfaction of all involved. Our clients know us to be reliable, highly skilled, highly experienced and quality driven, with the dedication to get the job done.

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Mordialloc College

Monash University

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oxfam, 355 william street

Neo Construct recently completed a fit out for Oxfam at their new office location in William Street. Elements of the project included sustainably sourced and community minded materials. An architectural feature made utilising recycled timber handrails and relocated Wathaurong glass panels both from the former Oxfam headquarters were used to create a welcome circle and dividing screens. Prior to opening the new headquarters, we assisted by installing artworks by an Indigenous artist Emrhan Tjapanangka Sultan.

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Experience, in every aspect of the business, is what defines Neo Construct. Our directors and key site staff, our trusted pool of sub-contractors and suppliers, are all underpinned by a depth of experience which many of our competitors would find difficult to match.

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The depth of experience within Neo Construct means that we are able to apply our ‘know-how’ and work confidently and effectively as a partner.

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Everyone at Neo Construct, regardless of their role, is an experienced, dedicated professional who is committed to achieving the outcomes required to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the total satisfaction of the client.

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At Neo Construct, we are dedicated to finding a better way. So if you are looking for construction experts who strive for solutions that achieve your goals more efficiently, more affordably and more effectively, then we believe our talented team is the perfect choice for your project.

Our people are excited about new challenges and ideas, and would love to discuss your project with you.